There is no doubt that Madden NFL 23 has been proven unbreakable

There is no doubt that Madden NFL 23 has been proven unbreakable


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  • America is obsessed with football. We all watched Madden 23 coins regardless. Football was so embedded in our fall routines that nobody would be willing to put down the TV, even with refs who didn't have a clue about what they were doing. Instead of boycotting and avoiding the sport, we sat in record numbers , only to be united in our disgust. This is why Goodell and the company's owners believed the Madden NFL 23 could afford to skate along for a few weeks with a half-assed product.

    America isn't a place to be if you're looking for bullshit. At least not in sports. In the second game that clearly went in off in the wrong direction, due to terrible officiating, the outcry was loud all over the nation. The president of the United States even complained. It's possible that Madden NFL 23 could've gone through the entire year with replacement refs without losing any ratings, but that's not the main point.

    The widespread disdain towards the Madden NFL 23 headquarters isn't a good thing, and even if they'd had to wait a few weeks with replacement refs that would've resulted in some more mishaps, and an even bigger loss in credibility. Something like "credibility" may appear to be an intangible thing, but to a league that's built on the foundation of an exemption from antitrust, with teams that lobby for a new stadium funded by taxpayers every fifteen years, and to help a company that is likely to be harmful to the health of its employees... well, yes.

    There is no doubt that Madden NFL 23 has been proven unbreakable, but it won't necessarily last forever if entire country saw the game turned into just a sideshow due to Madden NFL 23 teams were unwilling to pay referees $60.000. Maybe institutions render fans powerless and, after they realized that Madden NFL 23 became overwhelmingly unpopular among fans, criticizing this Madden NFL 23 became profitable for a variety of other prestigious institutions, from ESPN from cheap madden 23 coins ESPN to White House. It was only three weeks! Imagine how loud the protest could have been had this continued all through the year.

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