The increased mobility that Demon Hunter brings to the MMO could

The increased mobility that Demon Hunter brings to the MMO could


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  • It's been a while from the last time World of Warcraft antihero Illidan Stormrage got the spotlight. I last saw Illidan Stormrage Night Elf Demon Hunter during World of Warcraft WOW WOTLK Classic Gold : The Burning Crusade, a time I cherish as the most memorable of my WoW times. From then on, I've played sometimes in the huge multiplayer online RPG, playing whenever an update comes out but never quite achieving that level of awe and enjoyment that I felt during The Burning Crusade.

    With Illidan on the frontline of the latest expansion, Legion I was wondering if the links to the Night Elf antihero and introduction of the new Demon Hunter class would be enough to send me back into the world of World of Warcraft .

    Demon Hunter is a class that can be found in both factions. Demon Hunter class is available to both Alliance with Horde factions. It is visually distinguished by the Night Elf and Blood Elf versions and. One of the unique features in The Demon Hunter class is its mobility; players can double-jump and glide, reducing falls and benefiting from a class-exclusive method to minimize the damage caused by falls.

    The increased mobility that Demon Hunter brings to the MMO could be used within the class's starting location, but I was able to see that it wasn't essential to progressing through the quest line. Other than a few higher platforms and ledges, the familiar terrain meant there wasn't a huge necessity to double-jump and glide across the initial zone.

    However, jumping and gliding aren't just the most powerful tools available to the Demon Hunter. The class also offers more speed in combat. This includes dashing to cause damage to everything in your path with Fel Rush or doing swift backward leaps to ward off timed attacks through Vengeful Refrain. Metamorphosis can be used to transform into a hulking Demon in a jump up into the air before plunging into the ground and shocking opponents in the vicinity. It was a great buy WOTLK Gold experience to play as a Demon Hunter was rarely stationary in battle and certainly made the fights more exciting.

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