We'd tend to agree with that


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  • FIFA 22 seemed to wrap Alex Hunter's tale up following three distinct chapters to FUT 23 Coins The Journey. What was once a daring new vision (one which finally made the most of the miserable'Be A Pro' style that was bandied around uselessly for decades ) is now showing some age itself, and any narrative goings-on would need an update in FIFA 23. They may just get it.Many in the FIFA fan community on social networking and YouTube concur that EA are not done experimenting with a fully-fleshed narrative mode in their football matches.

    We'd tend to agree with that, as this is a winning idea in case it becomes a little less linear and more customisable. The popularity of the game of the women may encourage EA to continue the tale of Hunter's half-sister Kim, or'The Journey 4' can introduce a totally new personality that spins off from his narrative that is decidedly-English and Alex. One with a few more flavour might be a shout.

    Through the years, EA Sports have shown themselves to be let hungry. Besides, it's nothing like the real gameplay hasn't improved to back up that improved real flavour over the past decade.According to YouTuber Bromo18 and gaming site Shuajota, the number of official licenses for championships, teams and stadiums is about to increase come FIFA 23. Both sources claim we're about to get some new toys to play , and this will be especially pleasing to those who follow smaller clubs and a few of FIFA's lesser-used leagues.

    For starters, Bromo18 states that the Motorama National League may be incoming. That'd add another layer. There'd be five branches to select from, and that's pretty special. Shuajota says licenses and new packs for its Portuguese Liga NOS, Mexican Liga MX and Australian Hyundai A-League are on the horizon. Realistically, this will probably be a couple of FUT 23 Coins stadiums for each (Porto, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon, possibly?) Also as some TV that was true-to-life style intros for matches played in these nations. When it comes to licenses every bit helps.

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