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  • Lost Ark - Arcanist Class Overview Revealed

    The Arcanist Class will be available in Lost Ark, Western Edition, on July 20 Lost Ark Gold. The class is a mage, that deals with cards and is focused on DPS. We're about to get one of the.

    The Arcanist class that is coming to Lost Ark as a result of Amazon Game Studios , imbues special cards with Magick and utilizes them to create a wide variety of effects. From slicing enemies up with a deluge of thrown cards to unleashing powerful Magick and team effect using the cards The Arcanist has tricks up her sleeve for every situation.

    The abilities of the Arcanist can be divided into three categories; Normal stacking, Ruin and Normal. Normal abilities are employed to deal with damage and increase the Specialty Meter.

    Two other types of abilities are Stacking & Ruin. A successful attack using Stacking can create up to 4 stacks of stacks over an enemy. When a Ruin skill lands, it consumes stacks created on the targets to increase the effect, thus creating chances to cause massive damage.

    Despite being armed with an arsenal of talents however, the Arcanist may leave some things to best place to buy Lost Ark Gold fate of cards with her specialty skill "Card Deck". If the player is successful in landing an attack, it charges the Card Meter.

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