Lost Ark server status: How would I be able to let know if the game isn't running

Lost Ark server status: How would I be able to let know if the game isn't running


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  • Northeast office The office in the Northeast is large. spaces in the office of Assistant Raiza Lost Ark Gold. When you get past the two guards, go left and walk across to where a couch and comfy chair are set around a table. The next mokoko can be found on the floor, between the sofa and the chair.

    Southeast office: This office houses the Assistant Reben. After entering, make a right (south) towards the desk that has three chairs around the table. There's a seed at the opposite edge of the desk in the middle of the floor, behind the chairs that have their backs facing towards the wall.

    Mokoko Seed Seven - Hall of Transcendence

    Enter the Hall of Transcendence by the main entrance, just north from the Industrial District Triport. After entering, go up the lefthand staircase and take the first turn left at the top, and head toward the northwest. You'll be in a room with four desks , as well as lots of bookcases. Walk into the eastern corner of the room. There, you'll discover the seventh mokoko seeds hidden by the bookcases on the floor. In the hall, there are also locate all three pieces of the esoteric story and the Greatest Evolution Form in Arthetine which is required for your Adventurer's Tome.

    Mokoko Seed Eight - Industrial District

    If you start from the Industrial District Triport, head through the pathway that is directly south from it. When you reach the terminals for raids as well as the managers, make your way east to the staircase. Keep to the northern side of the gangway , and continue on the north side until you arrive at the entrance towards Platinum Field. Platinum Field. To your left you'll find the conveyor belt best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. There are also two crates set against a metal panel - and mokoko seeds are hidden in the middle.

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