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    Whiteboard paper has two categories, one is special for printing, meaning "white board paper" for short; paper cups with handle in uae The other refers to writing paper suitable for whiteboard. Because the fiber structure of whiteboard paper is more uniform, the surface layer has the composition of filler and glue, and the surface is coated with a certain amount of paint, and after multi-roller pressing and polishing treatment, so the texture of the board is relatively close,bread packaging paper bags the thickness is also more uniform.
    White board paper is relatively white and smooth, with uniform ink absorption,ripple wall paper cups in uae less surface powder and hair loss phenomenon, paper is strong and strong with good folding resistance, but its high water content, mainly used for single-sided color printing into cartons for packaging,disposable ice cream cups or used for design, handmade products. White card paper is completely made of bleach chemical pulping and fully sized single or multi-layer paper, generally divided into blue and white single and double sided copper card paper, white copper card paper, gray copper card paper. 1. Blue and white double-sided copper card paper: divided into copper card paper and copper card paper, card paper is mainly used for business cards, invitations, postcards, etc. Copper sika is mainly used for book and magazine covers, postcards, cards and other exquisite printing boxes.cornstarch cup factory 2. White copper plate cardboard: mainly used for making more advanced paper boxes and vacuum blister packaging, so the paper surface must have high whiteness, smooth paper surface, good ink acceptability, good gloss and other characteristics. 3. Grey bottom copper plate card: the surface layer is bleached chemical pulp, the core layer and the bottom layer are unbleached kraft pulp, wood pulp or clean waste paper, suitable for high-grade carton color printing, mainly used for making all kinds of paper boxes, hardcover book covers.
    Gold and silver card is a kind of special paper, mainly divided into two kinds: bright gold card and dumb gold card, bright silver card and dumb silver card.custom cornstarch cup It is in the single copper paper or grey board paper on the basis of a layer of gold and silver foil film medium, this material printing is not easy to absorb ink, so in the printing to use a fast drying ink to print. In order to highlight the grade of printing and packaging products, more and more customers choose to use gold and silver cards to print.fast food paper bags The technology is widely used in cigarette packs, wine boxes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the like. Paper packaging material depends on the development of science and technology and changes with each passing day, but also promotes the ever-changing packaging form. Hyde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a professional production of paper packaging products enterprises. With the aim of developing paper industry, protecting ecological environment and maintaining human health, the company adopts advanced technology and equipment, high-quality raw materials and scientific management to develop different specifications of disposable products. If you or your company need paper packaging products, we hope Hyde can be your first choice.3oz paper cup Hyde Group was set up in 2011 and located in HeFei City, AnHui Province ,China. We professionally supply disposable Paper Packing products such as Paper Cup, Soup Cup, Food Box, Pizza Box, Paper Bag, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Tray, Straw, Coffee Stick, etc.

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