The game Diablo 2: Resurrected or the original game the players

The game Diablo 2: Resurrected or the original game the players


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  • Zum Vergleich: In diesen 8 N?chten hat Teo1904 insgesamt nur 34 Stunden geschlafen, also etwa 5 Stunden pro Nacht cheap d2r items. Fur Teo1904 ist dieser Erfolg aus gleich mehreren Grunden ein ganz besonderer. Nicht nur hat der Spieler als Erster etwas wahnsinnig Schwieriges und Zeitintensives geschafft und damit sogar die Diablo-Legende MrLlamaSC geschlagen.

    Sondern er widmet diesen Erfolg auch seinem Freund Unsullied13, einem bekannten Diablo-Speedrunner. Dieser ist im Oktober kurz nach dem Release von Diablo 2: Ressurected verstorben. Seine Blitz-Amazone tr?gt daher auch den Namen ?Teo_Unsullied".

    In the Clip you can see, how it was the Triumph Moment even a lost friend widmet: What Are You Playing This Weekend? Another week has passed, but we've made it Friday.As we do each and Every Friday evening, we come together to discuss the coming weekend's schedule of games.

    For me, I've been hauled back to Diablo 2 Resurrected by friends who've played for a long time and never stopped playing D2 since the game's launch. They've made a game for me that is called a Holy Fister It sounds pornographic yet is actually an paladin with a specialization in distant heals, as well as spells for distance, which fits me down right down. What is my relationship to Diablo 2 is a complicated one. I've shunned it more times than I could count. My colleagues have been playing this game since it launched when we were in high school . are still finding new ways to play and chase endlessly precious rune drop.

    By launching a remaster that is tweaking the game's rules to allow for even greater build freedom, they are providing the D2 players with everything they want.Anyway I'm thinking about returning (for now).My dearly loved Sea of Thieves is in quiet times this moment, so I'm using that time to play Citizen Sleeper the game that came out the game on Game Pass during the week D2R ladder items. Loot River calls to me as well.

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