If you're searching for the top armor sets for Elden Ring

If you're searching for the top armor sets for Elden Ring


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  • From the northwest of the lake, go into the ravine. You'll eventually find a shack with an access ladder to a structure that lies behind it. The road from here is quite straight-forward Elden Ring Items, however there are a few difficult enemies to deal with while you walk through the forest, including bat-like creatures that like to hide until the very last second.

    The route ends with a boss fight but you can also use the summon sign next to the fog gate as well as spirit ashes when you're having issues. In conclusion, I don't recommend visiting this area until you've at least attempted Raya Lucaria Academy but it is possible to get to Volcano Manor located in Mt Gelmir from Liurnia. There are a few options.

    Make your way to the huge waterwheel lift for getting to the Schoolhouse classroom Site of Grace Take your time getting to the lowest point. It's up to the enemy to kill you with its grab attack . Once killed, you'll be teleported to a region beneath Volcano Manor. It is necessary to kill an opponent to move on, but once done you'll be granted access to Mt Gelmir and it's just a short run to the Volcano Manor entryway.

    The other (easier) option is to call Rya the NPC situated just north to the northwest of Laskyar Ruins. Find her necklace from the NPC located outside an shack in the northwest cheap Elden Ring Runes. Return it to her for an invitation into Volcano Manor. Now , you must head to Altus Plateau and find her at the Lux Ruins and she'll transfer you to the manor.

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