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  • Public (anyone can view and join)
  • You can look up the prerequisites of every stronghold upgrade when you select "All Research" in The drop-down menu at the top of the Lab UI Lost Ark Boosting. If you are interested in workshops, remove the "View Craftable" box to see every recipe.

    Like your characters, strongholds are also able to have a level that they share. You earn stronghold XP by obviously, making use of your stronghold. Making, researching, and taking crew members on trips will all award stronghold XP. One of the most effective ways to upgrade your stronghold is to complete station mission and ensuring that your station is active while playing Lost Ark.

    We've covered the essentials of your stronghold to date however, your player house can offer even more products and services with the right investment. Let's quickly go over some capabilities that can be found your house as you increase its level and complete certain research projects.

    Trade merchants are vendors on a temporary basis that provide unique items. These merchants can swap seals collected from mission trips and transform them into unique materials craft recipes, collectible items, and even crew members to your ship. Vendors come and go in and out of the stronghold. Be sure to check your stronghold on a regular basis to see what's in stock.

    After completing the "A Verdant Landscape" quest for your stronghold after which you'll be granted access to a portal that leads to a resource farm aboard your stronghold Lost Ark Gold for sale. This farm will grow the materials you can trade for skills to harvest each day, although there's a major caveat that you can't trade or sell items you've earned from the farm.

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