This is also the case it is in RuneScape


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  • In the event of a catastrophe as the account was still in the process of being re-created from the tutorial, should I simply wait until it is deleted because it is inactive RS Gold? If so what is the time frame I would be waiting to re-register with the correct game name? If not, do I try contacting Jagex directly at contactus@jagex (that's probably not the email however it's a similar one so I could just download it off their site..)

    I'm still able to remember the password for the account. Even if I've forgottenit, I've only misplaced a minor part - If necessary, I can just re-appeal several times until I've got the password correct, if I need to. A bit ridiculous However, whatever.

    I've just started playing with new accounts, which I'm quite happy with, but while I'm a fan of the new username I've chosen I'd rather play with the old one. I'm suspecting my high level accounts were hacked into, because the email address that my current high-level account was on wasn't active.

    I'm thinking that at the level 50+ your account will not wiped out due to absence of activity, is it? It could have been hacked or I'm not sure the reason, but I do not have a name for my character. Unless I changed the email for that account, then I'm not sure of the best way to get that account back.

    Do a little bit of farming runs. Even if you can only do one per day, and only one place, you'll make money steadily (that's the method I use, and I'm a banker with an 8mil balance). You may be able to build to be stronger on lesser demons. they're dropping ashes which have a value of 600gp each and some things that are elchable Buy RS 2007 Gold. Guthan's abilities would be extremely helpful, but you couldn't afford it for long. Kill them in the Karamja place near the lave thingsies.

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