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  • It is without doubt that NBA 2K MT MyTEAM is the most benefited option of the new direction of is the NBA 2K saga has taken to a highly defined schedule of events and seasons. Particularly when new options have been added to encourage specific features like collection or competitiveness between players. The way he is able to make the most of the NBA's own license and its star-system has continued to be, to the delight of its fans, one of the most compelling claims in this year's edition.

    If you're one the players who have plans to play just one game for months, and your main interest is basketball, NBA 2K22 is the game for you. It will make you switch from up to a new game and you will be glued to the screen of your television or monitor until your battery runs out at your will. Not through re-inventing the gaming experience, in case you came from last season, but rather by solidifying what was already working.

    The boost that has been given to the Star Modes and the cult of detail typical of the saga is the biggest draw of this latest game which also, as last year, has a significant benefit for players who own a new generation console. Which, unfortunately, also puts PC gamers in the same basket. It must be noted that the possibility of going from Cancha del Mar has been a surprise. Especially if we compare it with that of the Neighborhood in NBA 2K20.

    Playable, NBA 2K22 is 2K22 MT richer and more balanced. Although offensive movements aren't disregarded, games are no longer resolved solely near the edge thanks to new dribbling, defense and blocking options. This new shooter system completes the changes made and matches the set particularly well and can polish the gameplay sensations that, although not perfect, are nevertheless quite enjoyable.

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