CCB is not a percent increase


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  • Therefore, you'll get a 20% increase in cheap OSRS gold damage rather a 5-percent increase, however I'm subtracting the damage that the eagle eye already gives. Well, first off the rigour system provides a 5% increase in accuracy and also damage in comparison to eagle eye.

    Second, CCB is not a percent increase, but a static boost of +30 range attack over the Rune Crossbow. It is evident that +120 compared with +90 is a huge difference which is 33%. But I'm using range-boosting armour to get a range attack that is +141 with Rune crossbow. So, CCB will be +71. That means CCB is only 21 percentages more accurate than Rune but ignoring the accuracy increase from Void (it is unlikely to need to be considered since it is stacking multi-ply)

    So, ignoring the difference between eagle and hawk eyes, there's an option to select +5% damage AND accuracy, as opposed to +21 percent accuracy. If you subtract the +5% accuracy gained from accuracy by multiplying by 1.05 it comes down to +5% damage or +15.5% accuracy. hmm.

    Also remember that a chaotic runescape 3 gold
    recharge that combines tokens and gp can cost 20k tokens. I'm not certain of your rates at present, but keep in mind that eventually , you can achieve floors that provide 20k tokens per. Because these floors last between 23 and 28 minutes and I doubt that you'll in a position to earn 2 mil in this time at frosts, it becomes worth it to employ tokens to fix the floor.

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