I have never mentioned that the def bonus was a factor

I have never mentioned that the def bonus was a factor


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  • You can sell it back to afford a skill OSRS GP level goal , like 85 herblore? No. - Presuming he has no money to begin with, there's nothing to sell back. Could you earn more from the time it takes to acquire it? Yes. There's no way to be able make enough money to pay for BCP in the amount of time needed to acquire an upper torso.

    In conclusion: Torso is not worth purchasing. Period. - In the event that you do not have money to play, this is a fantastic alternative. The only disadvantage I see with slayers is the minor reward for prayers. The loss of defence bonus minimal. Do you have proof? The typical money maker is around 1m an hr. It can take inexperienced players around that long to master BA and, by the time they're done, you'd have the money for BCP.

    I have never mentioned that the def bonus was a factor. If you check out my other threads, I prefer str to def anytime in the course of the day. You can't sell the torso to another person, so this point is not significant. I'm confident that the "average" cash-flow maker is not even 1 million per hour. There are actually only a handful of methods to generate that much.

    There were too many bots at AZs , that I barely managed to earn 50k/hr. The majority of slayer jobs offer 80k+ xp per hr. I don't know of a single slayer task that provides 80kxp/hr. Just click at the right moment on AZS and you'll not be in trouble. It's not like people don't bot slayer as well.

    I have 100k exp after 99 woodcutting and OSRS gold for sale I was just going to get an Saradomin sword. So I thought I'd like to start a discussion on this forum to see what the views of all members are, on whether or not I should buy the ss or a BGS which is at the same cost in the present. I have a whip and dragon defender at the moment however I'm not able train the strength of these weapons and I'd rather have 2h weapons. It's pretty much the same way with the ss than I do with the whip.

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