The RuneScape is arranged in one of those empty homes in Falador

The RuneScape is arranged in one of those empty homes in Falador


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  • Most of the time in occult floors i find my team doing well on gds as there are no other doors to open. the result is a delay of 40+min which saddens me... I take the time before de's OSRS Gold. I then take the ggs to the next gd that follows a current gd if its not too far. I mark doorways for skills that are required to be opened near gatestone. I mark gds that needs to be completed.

    Key doors for team gates. Remembering key door locations and team gates. The most often, it's the priorities and potted doors that annoy me... I come across in my path a merc/ramo and there is a gd. I typically have trouble deciding which one to lead to faster dungeons. I'm stumbling across a pathway and a gd and rooms with levs/emotes, and I am having trouble and keep asking myself the question"which is the first?" and can never answer it.

    I'm on the way and come across two distinct the gds. I then ask myself what is "which one should I first choose?" and can never answer it. Deciding whether to put to this entrance or shut it. It's still my first time as a keyer. Im not quite good yet.

    Always set the highest difficulty possible. Each time you complete the dungeon, exit to reset it higher. Do dungeoneering as soon as you reach level 90 cb. Make sure you have a party with a lot of people, the larger your group, the more the experience you will gain. Try to clear every room prior to ending a dungeon to earn points.

    Bind items! Select your most useful item and bind it. You may also bind at least 125 of arrows or runes. Binding is important because it takes your binded item with you to an additional level. Take small dungeons, except if the group you are in is comprised of members of the same group and they have plenty of spare time RS3 Items. They are also unlikely to abandon the dungeon at the halfway point. Otherwise, it may require a long time to reach the level of.

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