Challengers enter an un-randomized dungeon


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  • Chambers of Xeric (Safe). Challengers Mut 22 coins enter an un-randomized dungeon that they are battling against various creatures. Once they have completed the maze, and defeating the Great Olm, they get rewarded with prizes that are equal to their individual score. The points they accumulate are used to roll the final game weapons and other items.

    Mage Arena (Risky). In the event of a battle against Kolodion you could earn the right to learn God Spells. If you succeed in defeating this NPC he won't be present there any longer, however the Arena itself can be used for another time. Alongside learning God Spells, you can also get God Capes and God Staves.

    The Theatre of Blood (Risky). Players assemble a team which is able to take on the even the most dangerous RuneScape bosses, arranged in a specific order. If they survive, they will be awarded huge treasures in the form exclusive weapons and armors.

    Inferno (Safe). An improved version Of TzHaar Fight Cave where you fight against more challenging waves of enemies and much tougher bosses. In the event of defeating TzKalZuk you gain the right to wear the Infernal Cape and also get Jal-nib-rek pet.

    Blast Furnace (Safe). Simply, a bunch of players need to cooperate to keep the Blast Furnace running which lets you smelt ores with only half the amount of coal required. This can be a wonderful source of income that is simple to master, but it requires lots of clicks and just a few tools to become efficient.

    Pyramid Plunder (Risky). Another mini-game of cheap madden coins skill involves stealing. Just as the title says this time we go inside the pyramid where we are looking to steal treasures from various places. There's more to Pyramids other than traps. Monsters living inside will to everything to keep you away from the riches they hold.

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