One life is all you've got It's over when you pass away

One life is all you've got It's over when you pass away


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  • Hello all! JagexHQ has witnessed the popularity of the Ironman Challenge grow and RS gold we have enjoyed watching players take on the challenge through YouTube videos or livestreams.

    The Ironman Challenge, a community-craze where players design an original RuneScape character. It is only possible to use the resources and equipment you have and you cannot ask for help from others. It's a lot of fun and tests your skills and knowledge.

    As much fun as this is, there are some disadvantages currently There's no simple way to prove that you're playing an ironman character There's no method to show that you've honoured the rules of the challenge (or determine if other participants aren't).

    We can assist! We're looking at the possibility of adding an ironman mode to the game in order to assist players with this game created by the community. We're treating this as an experimental project but we're not able to say if or when it'll come out, and could release a basic implementation before deciding whether it will be further developed.

    The Old School RuneScape team is looking into an ironman alternative as well. Ironman's popularity was largely due to the OSRS community. If you're an old school player, keep an eye out on the OSRS developer blogs and forums to join the discussion when it starts.

    At this early stage we'd like to hear your thoughts and get some discussion going over the appropriate rules for Ironman. Here's a brief outline of the rules and game mechanics we've uncovered so far. Ironman mode starts by creating a new character. It's impossible to switch off the game once you've entered the Ironman mode.

    Ironman players will be given an exclusive chat badge. It could be a skull or mod crown. We will need to create a way for ironman gamers to finish Heroes Quest or Shield of Arrav on their own. As a goal for a stretch we'd like to think about the possibility of a hiscore table filter that would just show ironman players. Another surprise? Hardcore Ironman is an extended mode available to the bravest of the bold. Also, you must create a new character

    One life is all you've got It's over when you pass away. Only your score is left. Chat badges for hardcore ironman would be different (perhaps a red skull). We've reached cheap OSRS gold this point. We'd like to hear from you if there are any other ideas or ways we can make this more fun.

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