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  • K.C. 's schedule is worrysome too. Over the next six weeks there's going to be plenty of interest from the Titans, Packers and Bills -- all of which have been playing a great offense madden coins. The Chiefs are fortunate to have three quarters to play in the NFC East in the same stretch and don't have to take on the Cowboys.

    Even if defense fails to figure it out Patrick Mahomes's offense and his offensive will ensure that they will win by a minimum of 3-3 throughout that stretch. The more likely scenario is around 5-1. We're not groaning about this division for the next few months. The team has flaws but the rest the league is well-coached.

    In a nutshell, yes. They aren't talentless but they appear to be in questionable circumstances currently. This is the situation when you're picked high in the first round that is: you'll be on have a poor team. But these young signal callers are under a lot of pressure early in the season.

    One aspect of the problem could be self-inflicted, since Next Gen Stats show Wilson and Fields specifically are holding the ball too long according to NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah buy Mut 22 coins. A large portion of this has to do with to personnel and scheme problems as well.

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