RuneScape idea is adding the eggs into the accessible things

RuneScape idea is adding the eggs into the accessible things


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  • Mental Focus - raises attack and defense by 9%. Just Fury- increases power by 11%. Swift Wind-increases ranging precision by 18%. Mystic Purity- increases mage precision by 23% and maximum mage struck by 1. Heal- use on a player to cure 5 of the hitpoints 2007 RS Items; can't use again for a specific timeframe. Refresh heals another players stats re - fixes your hitpoints. Mutualism - treats your enemy 10 hp and you 15 hp; they MUST be in battle with you. Combat Spells. Tornado Eye- prices up to 13 harm to anyone at a 3x3 square around you.

    Crystal Mirror- most powerful spell in the book; can only be used once a usage of spellbook; next time you receive an attack, it is negated, and the offender is struck for the maximum damage of said assault; any effects (the attack reduced stats or used toxin, etc) is applied; reduces your stats after usage.The inside of the volcano looks somewhat like the maze arbitrary event, however there are slight eruptions that hit you. They damage between 1-3. They're level 85 if you're level 61-80. And anyone above level 80 has to fight level 100 Inferno Skeletons.

    When you get the bones, you have to escape in two minutes. If so, you awarded 1-120 tokens depending how long you escape if. These tokens can be used to get items in the Bartender, who turns out to be in liege together with the Zamorak monks. You're awarded 200 runes of the elemental runes (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) and the casting runes (brain, insanity, death, blood). You're given 5 health packs and should you die, you get your things back.

    There's also a particular item called the Zamorak Sword. This thing has a unique ability that casts"Flames of Zamorak", but once you use, you have to recharge by getting 150 tokens. The items don't rust. Only the unique ability of the Zamorak Sword. If you're able to have full Zamorak Mage, you can use an emote that has flames rise around you in a circle Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. You bend down an pickup bones and raise them over your head. It lasts about 4 minutes.

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