So for a few, the bitterness runs deep


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  • And I've watched youtube videos of RuneScape Gold figures higher level than me and they still hit 0's. It's a great game. Quests and everything. I don't know how the battle will be enjoyable. In every other match when you strike what you deal rent some harm. When you say you're level 90, what level is 90? Are you combat level 90? If this is so, I'd say thats like having to level 100 on wow, but not reaching lvl 120.

    Mind you, there is so much more effort necessary to reach the late game in OSRS than all of Runescapes you've listed. However its rewarding. I've played all of these Mmo's you have recorded, and nothing compares to getting a fat drop or reaching a goal you have put in OSRS. My battle is level 90. And its true im. How do slayer and hitting multiple 0 in a row pleasure? If you do not locate doing slayer fun don't do slayer.

    It is possible to afk train combat stats up wherever you want, rather a monster like fire giants or even moss giants in which they have high hit points but low shield. Even NMZ is an alternative, but if you do need to try to continue OSRS, play it your very own unique manner, not the way everyone else likes. Or drop it and enjoy other games more and spend more time. At the end of the day it's your life and you can spend it doing whatever you need, as long as you are enjoying it.Why so many OSRS gamers Appear to be hostile to RS3 gamers.

    Or have I just had worse than typical adventures as a RS3 participant? I have even been invited by friends to quit playing RS3 and play OSRS. They almost look offended when I tell them that I wish to stick with RS3. Been that way since the launching of OSRS. Simply because OS players that played with said combat implementation. Resentment in the driven change. That is understandable, but. It has been a very long time, but a lot people dropped several hundreds or thousands of hours of play time in addition to Runescape we grew upon. So for a few, the bitterness runs deep.

    I think that it stems from RuneScape being one of the most prosperous games on earth pre EOC / wilderness removal etc.. There's a good deal of people who had a lot of hatred towards Jagex for ruining Runescape they loved, and almost everyone stopped. When OSRS came around it was essentially an entry that Jagex was incorrect, along with the fact that oldschool has come to be so much larger than the main Runescape match proves that theory to many people. People despise what Jagex did to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold RS3 and oldschool fuels which anger.

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