That is fine, distinct strokes. I felt the exact same

That is fine, distinct strokes. I felt the exact same


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  • This is the reason why I do not even bother choosing #1's and #2's or calling things"my favourite". I would concur that both are just two of my favourite games from last year. But choosing one over the Animal Crossing Items other, when they are so wildly different in every single way, is completely impossible and arbitrary (at least for me). It would need to 100% depend upon what I feel like playing at a given instant.

    I concur 100% with everything you stated. Still, as someone who loved the storyline of LoU2, this game made me feel things mentally that few, if any, ever consume. So I must give that one particular recognition. But yeah there were a handful of genuinely amazing games this year which all deserve to be celebrated.

    TBH I do not understand how AC celebrity has lasted so long. I thought I would be fine with all the time gating initially but it quickly started to annoy me. It simply seems to me that the time gating is there to hide how little there is to perform, especially early on when you have a super-fast grind and a lot of waiting.

    I understand I am in the minority but after about 10 hours or so of playing Hades I was bored because of small numbers of weapons that are available. I only liked maybe 3 of those weapons also. Didn't care too much to the story either, as that's not really what I search for in roguelike games.

    That is fine, distinct strokes. I felt the exact same the first 5 hours or so, but I've come to really enjoy it, I'm now at around 30ish hours and actually addicted. I find that keeping an open mind and only trying out builds, even if you don't like it in concept, really helps spice up things. It is always fun finding combos that work.

    This is what makes it for me. I've a few go-to builds that I love to perform and expect to find boons for but sometimes you simply need to select something different that buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells you were not anticipating, and adapting to that new playstyle while choosing different boons which synergize is what makes the game worth many hours of playoff

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