I'm majorly losing attention, and I need more content

I'm majorly losing attention, and I need more content


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  • I am a huge fan of New Horizons. I've been playing Animal Crossing because the very first game and I believe that entry is far and beyond the best one in Animal Crossing Bells this series.

    But as of a couple months ago, I'm majorly losing attention, and I need more content, and the upgrades seem to be getting smaller and smaller. I do not even have high expectations--more hair designs, more useful furniture (instead of super-niche holiday things ), more harvestable crops, more hair styles, more buildings (cafe, authorities station), more hair styles, gyroids, more hair styles, etc..

    Yeah I mean I wouldn't mind paying to get a substantial content upgrade honestly. Here is the first AC sport at which I really completed the entirety of this museum and I can not say I have anything left to do.

    This game cost me £50 for a match with Animal Crossing Items For Sale minimal material when compared to previous games, with the exception of island decorating, which stops being fun after a while since I don't want to rearrange my island all the time. There is no way I'd cover any more content, it ought to be free DLC!

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