I have played over 3000 park games involving 2K20


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  • It would also be nice to be able to NBA 2K21 MT practice plays for your pro am staff ect. The concern with this that I hear is people using it to cheese NBA 2K21 to advance their player but you could nerf the development in these games very similar to the way the cages are. (I had a 20 rally match and got like 600 points towards badges).

    I have played over 3000 park games involving 2K20 and 2K19 and I have yet to see someone out. Players know they do not need to fret about fouling out and there are no free throws in park, so they can spam for their heart's content. Finest case scenario, they receive a steal. Worst case scenario, break or your momentum stops. There's virtually no penalty for reaching. By cutting the limit you cut the amount of fouls to give in half to 2.

    This is not a shot 2Klabs. I believe they do good work, their site is helpful and straightforward, and their videos are short and to the stage. But the simple fact that they even exist is a humiliation to 2K. Everything on their website plus must be in the actual game and on the web site of Cheap MT 2K21 2K. There is information out there that's just handed down from word of mouth or by obeying the devs. Thorough descriptions (like% gains ) should be available for every badge also boosts.

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