Well, on the other side of the main building


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  • These portals would look like regular house portals, except they'd be a little bigger, and RuneScape Mobile gold they are pitch black. So you might wonder"where do these items come out?"

    Well, on the other side of the main building, there'll be a giant torso that functions as an way for any participant in the game to deposit any item or multiple items they wish to contribute to the match. Now you might be wondering"Well how does it work?"

    For example: Let us say a wealthy player deposited a dragon chain body into this chest. After he deposits it, it'll be tele ported to a random players inventory. BUT since a dragon Chain boy is an item of fantastic value, it is going to be tele ported to a random layers inventory, yet this participant has to be in the next to maximum level thieving area so it is harder to steal this thing from him.

    Today you might be thinking"well, if that player just randomly gets the dragon string body, why not he simply tele port from the match and buy OSRS gold he will have a completely free dragon chain?" Well, the game is designed so that it will register any item that any player acquires from the torso, will automatically be removed from his inventory if he renders the thieving location.

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