What's Mario Golf so damn awful?


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  • I'm also very pleased about skyward sword. It was my favorite Zelda game and I never finished it due to the motion controls. I'm not totally thrilled I can't just press a button but at least now I'll have the Animal Crossing Items ability to finish the story, I hope. I wish they simply made the mechanic totally optional, it ruined the game for me the first time.

    I was really excited for the Capcom Arcade Stadium. I was expecting for having the ability to purchase the games a la carte but I am disappointed to see that they are only sold in bundles, meaning you'll be paying for games which you aren't interested in. And of course, all of the games I want are in various bundles. Weaksauce.

    So much salt from everyone, I'm excited for this release. MG for the nostalgia I'd for playing this with my father and brother, and SS because I didn't have the chance to play that match.

    Thought it was quite unsatisfactory. Rumoured Zelda set get skyward sword.

    No more Donkey Kong, F zero, Metroid, Mother.

    No ports of rumoured franchises such as tomb raider, House of the dead, GTA, Arkham.

    No More Heroes august launch, roughly a year late by this stage. Also doesn't seem great in trailers appears to have picked up some gameplay elements by the dreadful Travis strikes again.

    If Square Enix are likely to remake or vent everything start with Final Fantasy 1-6 or Chrono Trigger/Cross.

    Still no themes or OS improvements. No additions to internet offering.

    I will try out the Octopath tactics demo and may pick up Skyward sword but not in more than half of its launch price.

    All they needed to do was reveal N64 games Switch Online, and that I would have forgiven them for a lot.

    What the fuck is wrong with Nintendo? They milked the hell out of their back catalog the previous two centuries, but NOW is if they decide to become stingy with it? As soon as we have a system we could play on the go, and are in the midst of a pandemic which has reduced their output signal of new games?

    The majority of the work has been done already; simply port them over. Why are you currently re-releasing that the 3D Zelda game which requires the most work and most people care about?

    MK8D is barely another to MK8, which is nearly 7 years old today. We need a new one way more than we need Splatoon 3. Hell, even if they added new DLC to MK8D, I'd take that.

    What's Mario Golf so damn awful? The holes are dead and empty, and the game uses the optional artwork style that New Super Mario Bros. introduced into the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells detriment of the franchise. So many Mario games look so bland and lack any type of character now.

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