Rsgoldfast - The biggest problem I see is the staking of things

Rsgoldfast - The biggest problem I see is the staking of things


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  • Then they could maybe double or RuneScape gold tripple if needed. The max stake limer per bet would be 850M so that you could not wager over that. You would also only be able to stake one thing but it might be a noted item up as high as posible as long as it is 850M or less. (Special thanks to Heb0,Easl)

    This is one of the most original ideas I've seen to reimplement dueling. I enjoy the idea of a grand exchange-like system, also it induces RWTing to be very insecure. However, Real World Trading could still be possible, and also there would be several ways to circumvent the machine.

    The biggest problem I see is the staking of things. A player purchasing a blue phat in a illegal RWTing sight might face some trouble receiving their trader in a duel, but a participant who requests a stake of a grim phat, adamant warhammer, along with red bead might not. This combination would be so arbitrary and unlikely there could be little to no possibility of the player not getting the RWTer he's purchasing from in a duel.

    The best way to prevent this is to only permit specific items to be staked, or to not allow stakes of multiple items. Money might be staked, and typical things like whips, phats, ans h'ween masks (items traditionally staked), but the amount would be pre-set (players could not wager strange amounts like 4,397,031gp) and uncommonly staked things like colored beads could not be contained in precisely the same bet as big amounts of cash or rare/expensive products.

    Another difficulty I see with your thought is that several players would not enjoy the risk of it. Because you would not be able to see what armor your participant was wearing, if they were determined or maging, or even their precise level (your idea outlines a set of near levels, but not an exact level) gamers might be afraid to stake large amounts, since the level of the competitor says very little about these.You might have followed us this way, but old school runescape buy gold your path ends here!

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