If a group gets a drop worth more then this sum


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  • My thought will allow people who go in OSRS gold groups to kill the God War Bosses, the Kalphite Queen, The King Black Dragon and other popular monsters to share the profits of an costly drop equally. My thought won't allow for any actual World Trading to occur . A new option could be added into the Clan Chat's loot share function in which you enter a gold piece value (such as 1 thousand coins).

    If a group gets a drop worth more then this sum (for instance that a Godsword hilt) the item will be put up for sale on the Grand Exchange for your industry price. The owner of this clan chat will be then be able to go to the exchange later and adjust the cost if he/she wishes to. This would probably require one or two more slots at the Grand Exchange per individual but, these additional slots may only be used for loot discuss awards.

    When an item is inserted to the Grand Exchange from this system it will look in among everyone who was eligibles loot discuss Grand Exchange Slot. When they click on buy RS gold the item they'll observe the typical details such as selling cost and price range in addition to the amount of money they will get as it sells. When the item sells, the cash would be shared among everyone who got the drop. I understand this would seem hard to schedule but I know that Jagex will discover a way. I was planning to go and place this on the official forums also but somebody else has already created a thread exactly the same.

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