To expand on my view: if it is something


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  • Oh, and remove blatant reposts of all top-scoring articles in the New Horizons Items sub. I don't care if they claim they saw it on Facebook, it had been only on our front page a week ago (that's probably how the person on Facebook watched it and posted it), and in general I think there should be a"in case you did not make it, prevent posting it" rule.

    A number of the usual occurrences posts are a issue, that is when they are just that, common. I do love landmark articles, but I can be irritating to see 5 of the exact same I only got a blue rose or I just got 5 stars posts. It is a hard call because people are extremely important minutes & genuinely fun to share. But I think the milestones should remain because overall, it's an enjoyable way to bond as a community, celebrating together.

    It would be quite tough to enforce the spoilers rules. Even with outside hacking, a individual in say, New Zealand, might have the newest update nearly a full day until I get it on the west shore. They can post a picture that's legit and not a spoiler for these but it might ruin a surprise for me because of the time gap. Everyone understands people time traveling in AC & it is a long haul game, so the risk of being exposed to spoilers is high. This risk & responsibility ought to be about the person browsing, not the responsibility of the poster. That said I do think a spoiler dash of any kind would be nice, just to have the choice, since it's bothering to be spoiled on something, and we're all just trying to have fun here. I have a feeling people would have used to the flair eventually and much more folks would start using it!

    No problem with the memorial posts here. In case it seems to sad for me I just keep scrolling.

    Agreeing with other remarks hereIt feels like we need some more flair onto the sub, possibly a mega thread indicator of some kind to sort what is dismissing the feed. Or perhaps daily discussion subjects? Not sure about logistics but it may help!

    My closing thought-I think it would be wonderful to something about the edited photos, a flair would be nice.

    To expand on my view: if it is something that's built into the game since launching & occurs annual (like NYE, festive period, bunny afternoon etc)I don't care as much about spoilers. I do not like seeing spoilers that come from a brand new swap for new articles (like Pavé or Halloween and probably Mario), however I know that it's a danger to see them when I get online following an update. However, this is all my opinion & feelings on it, and Animal Crossing Items For Sale all ways of playing/views on spoilers are legitimate & acceptable.

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