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  • Soooo, under the present system, most deals that we discover about the forums and OSRS gold accept on there rarely ever take place due to conflicting times and such. How often has this happened to youpersonally? My idea is simple: a'Trade Mailbox' tab, added into a lender. The way it'd work is like this. Say I want to buy 1k deaths from'imnotanoob32' for 300k. I would add'imnotanoob32' to my friendlist. Then I would place 300k into my trade mailbox, and add'imnotanoob32' into my trade box (explained later). I'd also put what I needed (1k deaths) to his box.

    When imnotanoob32 logs later, he adds me (wiltingplant) into his friendlist. He then puts 1k deaths into his commerce mailbox and adds me to his trade box. He puts what he wanted (300k) in my box. He sees that we both have exactly what we asked for, and the transaction is done without ever fulfilling the other player.

    When I log in again, I get a notification that my trade using imnotanoob32 has been accepted, and continue to utilize those 1k deaths to pwn.Shade - While summoned can drain your competitors prayer and provide it to you. Mummy - While summoned may trap your opponent from moving for 3 minutes. Vampire - While summoned may drain your competitors blood and reunite 125 percent to you. Skeleton Fremmenik- While summoned your assault and strength is improved by 5. Skeleton Mage - While summoned your magic is raised by 8, however your strength and attack have been cut in half.

    Steel Dragon - While summoned your assault, strength, defence, magic, and ranged are doubled, however he might strike you and do harm on you around 70% of your health, so if you've got 99 hitpoints and your strike, you can go down to the 30s. Skeletal Wyvern - While summoned could create an illusion form for up to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold 10 minutes (in other words an illusion exactly where you are standing of you is there and the npc may be fighting that rather )

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