People tried to claim the identical thing for Connie from Steven Universe despite

People tried to claim the identical thing for Connie from Steven Universe despite


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  • People tried to Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells claim the identical thing for Connie from Steven Universe despite her getting obviously lighter and straighter hair than the personality who had been black in Steven universe. Rather than leaving it to ambiguity until the author says otherwise. Connie turned out to be Indian in ethnicity fitting with all the show's early theme. Same thing happened to Brock out of Pokémon all of the way until they moved to Unova (Pokemon New York) and some fans still doubled down on it even then. You know, the skin tone lots of East Asians come in in the sunnier parts. The fandom staunchly headcanons him Native American or Hispanic

    There's a character called Kaeya in Genshin effect, same right hair and tan skin. But I'm still scared people will try to induce the African picture into him although I think people have gotten the notion He's not assumed to be

    The Kaeya matter is bizarre as like, where he is from is distinctly Scandinavian themed (the names of other figures from there are very scandinavian and there's a number of referances to Norse mythology inside ).Maybe just me, but does this art style look familiar to the Redwall novels or pay art?I absolutely love wolfgores work from that same shop. It's my dream to get a tattoo out of them in the future

    I have seen people draw him fully black on event, even on the offical sub-par, and who get really huffy or even agressive when you point that he's not really'black representaition' because. . .he's not black? I mean I will not lie, going by how he's attracted from the offical manga I certainly do not think he's just tan but like, there is a range of skin colour people.

    To a lesser extent I've also seen people do it together with Xinyan. The character who is very clearly supposed to be the Chinese equvilant of a tanned country hick (which is really a sterotype in China also ) and that sounds like Applejack.Yep, only the other week I saw a few crazy hot takes about how anybody tweeting about their interests/anything-not-the-current-situation during the whole American capitol crisis should be ashamed of themselves/should be unfollowed/etc. As if the whole world should halt all tweeting and perform audience into the American political play of the afternoon. There's a real debatable expectation on twitter that everyone should both be completely conscious buy bells animal crossing new horizons of every minutiae of American life and also be devoted to displaying wokeness and continuous awareness... even if you are not American.

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