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  • Hey I have sone questions regarding the fishing skill. At this time I've 65 in fishing and RuneScape gold I''m fishing lobster. Do you know at what ability level we start gaining more income by catching swordies than lobster? I am not a member so Ima likely remain wiht the lobster but I want understand if we can make more money by swordies than lobster. Many people say that I need to get my mining to 85+ for runite ore because it gives over 500k/h:rolleyes: plus a few let me sitck with fishing since I already have 65 inside, but aready I dont profit much cash by lobbies.

    Can it worth more spending some time on mining(Due to the summer and I'll have alot of time) or keep with fishing skill? For me already I dont make more than 40k-80k an hour by lobbies and for me thats not enough and too long for the time I spend itif I had access to the fishing guilde I would likely stay wiht that, but iam f2p, therefore I think ima go with mining.

    Even though I buy 300k/h thats great for me because Iam not a member and at f2p you've got nothing pricey to buy anyhow so, and I jsut missing 2.5m at a pvp worldI completely forget all of my cash that in my stock (2.5m but its annoying loosing that, well I expired, than I went to lumbridge bank to purchase my stuffs back, and I neglect it wasnt a safe zone at lumbridge) (umm that the swordies gloves gives a quicker catching rate or jsut 100exp more)? . .seriously Iam getting tired, I begin thinking its a waste of time if I dont go in p2p.

    I just finished up getting 90 Fishing earning a fantastic 40m+ and I purchased Bandos. What else would be helpful for me to store up for slayer? I will be fishing Rocktails sometimes so the money will build up pretty fast. Attempt to acquire an Improved Excalibur for jobs if you are not going to utilize a Saradomin Godsword. Might want a shield (Dragonfire/Blessed Spirit/Dragon Square/Rune Kite) for jobs where you want an extra piece of defence instead of offensive bonuses against the rune defender.

    Can you currently have bunyip/unicorn? Saradomin Godsword is not necessary for slaying... Much like Bandos armour. Why use Bandos if Barrows armour has better defence? +2 prayer and +6 strength hardly justifies the exorbitant price I reckon. Not much you can change actually... Unless you wanna purchase Dragon Claws to get a special attack weapon or anything... That is kind of useless as well since you can replace this with a Dragon Dagger P++/Enhanced Excalibur... Zamorakian Spear for rs3 gold Waterfiends tasks if you get them...?

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