Though I think that is the manner PSO2 is designed


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  • Swiki has everything from weapons. information. It is PSO2 Meseta well worth checking out, even if it's necessary to use the machine translation.

    With no mag, I want this, must lvl 40 or subclass til somebody asked me

    Oof. The game isn't really good at telling you. Not everyone would like to do every side quest in a match to determine what unlocks what.

    When you finish the prologue and arrive at the lobby, the match actually prevents you from doing anything, show you a video, then force you to obey the NPC who then proceeds to inform you the Arks Main Mission is the tutorial.

    The Arks Main Mission lets you speak to Afin (for basic palette usage), speak to Cofy (for unlocks), speak to Jan (for societal ), do clinic quests, get an auxiliary, utilize the EX-Cube store, etc..

    I can understand that people need to jump to the action, but these matters aren't side quests. They're the tutorial.

    Although I admit the translation often try too difficult to follow along with the Japanese text, and frequently don't convey what is actually being said.

    To be fair, by that time the participant is no longer a newbie, and the game pops a message when you hit level 70 she has new client orders for you.

    I understand exactly what you mean however. Though I think that is the manner PSO2 is designed; it doesn't attempt to hold participant's hands in any way.

    Take force for example. You unlock mix techs at level 70 however NOWHERE in the match does this tell you that. You need to go upstairs in the main lobby and speak to an cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta npc you have never needed to previously talk to do a customer order to unlock them.

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