They are scattered throughout each map in Escape From Tarkov

They are scattered throughout each map in Escape From Tarkov


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  • With the zero.12 replace, now no longer best the sport migrated to Escape From Tarkov Money  a greater considerable engine, however it additionally introduced a pair of recent lootable inventories that boost the mystery. They are hidden stashes which can be withinside the shape of a barrel or a hid pile of planks and do now no longer require another extra actions. They may be searched much like another weapon crates or duffle bags, however their vicinity is unknown. They appearance much like the featured picture above, and they're scattered throughout each map in Escape From Tarkov.

    The network is running tirelessly on coming across all the hidden stashes’ places throughout all the presently to LOLGA be had maps. These mysterious barrels can preserve any wonder internal of them. For example, items inclusive of Weapons, Ammo, barter objects, and hardware essential on your hideout isn't anyt any exception.

    Recently, a participant has unveiled an awesome quantity of them (if now no longer all), through his very own attempt. Reddit person through the call m1ksuFI has located seven mystery stashes on Customs. The publish become posted on Reddit, and you may check the places beneathneath.

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