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  • I'm wondering how much he even needs because of RuneScape gold his pre-finale video, is there a chance it is uploaded by him in only a couple of days? No longer waiting a month between episodes?I'd feel as it's likely a week or two bc I'd imagine all that's left at this stage is assembling a team. Well he needed backup bolt hints and more melee stats aid + being able to make his own supercompost is nothing. He wants the inches he can get to receive the theater down although progress at this stage takes a month to get an inch. I really don't think it was nothing. Agreed. I feel like sometimes swamp man shouldn't ask"can I?" But instead,"if I?"

    But I mean this series should never have been a thing. The whole purpose is for it to be totally ridiculous. I do not believe I would recommend doing so either, but it's definitely in line with the whole notion behind swampletics to begin with. It's something that you have to be a very specific type of individual for it to work. Most folks would drive themselves angry, but swampman is just that type of individual who can perform it. It was a great deal more entertaining content compared to most of those Barrows videos. There were ups and downs and even if the casket was meaningless the video did a really good job at getting me spent anyways. Besides Settled explained in the video well enough that a) he was getting other stuff done on the account at precisely the exact same period and b) it had been more about achieving it and the journey than the reward. And imo it adds another bit of prestige.

    I might get downvoted for saying this but if this was anyone else, they would get absolutely shit on for doing something. There has been numerous posts where someone did something absolutely mental and the comments tell him to get help. I felt uncomfortable as well seeing someone grind very long hours with hardly any breaks just for something which offers 0 advantage (besides battle xp). Tbf nobody edits as well as swamp man. This man knows how to tell a story. I anticipated to be downvoted too lol. It's like that guy who's performing one 200m at a time. . . Folks shit on him from the comments every time. . .

    I have never had an orgasm this long, plz stop. Pre Finale is gonna be prime JO material. Finally,So much swamp man!Inject it straight in my veins. Hope you take a little vacation after this mate. Well done. Watched every movie, amazing series. This man pees in water bottles, no doubt. The grind is striking but what impresses me even more is how great this guy is at creating these videos. About doing ONLY that, he did that for five weeks and made one of the most boring grinds I really could possibily imagine, and still managed to create an entertaining video.

    I feel as it would have been a far better idea to only perform the 33 hour marathon session after for a 100% completion lol. If he wanted to maintain his sanity I believe he should have spent the first hour every day searching for rs2007 gold the second clue. If not await the next moment. That way he's 15-16 hours.

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