Positive Impact Of Social Networks On Fitness And Survival


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  • May 05, 2021 - April 05, 2024 ((GMT+01:00) West Central Africa)
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    There are a lot of activities and events taking place over the internet on social media. The extent or love on how each of these affects an individual lies in their hands too. It is one person's ability to understand and accept the reality that would decide the actual impact of social media on his life. Fitness in the traditional manner was limited to physical gyms and taking weights, which has now turned all-around virtually.


    What is happening?

    When it comes to fitness and social media, there is again a lot of networking happening over the internet, Fitness and body maintenance has become easier through social media in one way. For instance, taking the case of YouTube, there are a lot of fitness channels focusing on many types of fitness starting from a simple Zumba or Bollywood dance work out and even high cardio building exercise, that can be easily followed from the comfort of your home, in the current situation of the world, where maintaining good health seems to be mandatory.

    Fitness coaches and advisors online

    Going to the gym and working out for hours have now reduced to a large extent in the busy lifestyles of people. But health-conscious people do their best in order to stay fit. Finding an expert over the internet and taking their assistance in the process has been successful food for people all over the world. Also, there is a better scope for to one interaction, even virtually but tends to have more independence and comfort during workouts, martial art or any type of Sport.

    Have you heard about this?

    There is a long list of martial arts emerging from different parts of the world, and one such is basic stick fighting. All these activities simply ensure to maintain the engagement throughout the time at home, instead of sitting idle at home. There is a guarantee for better and a healthy future for people engaging in such activities. To get more detailed info on fight with stick, visit on hyperlinked site.

    Coming to Basic stick fighting, here are a few techniques that might help you become better in the sport or even keen to learn more:

    • Keep your hand out of range from your opponent’s strike. If he hits your hand you might drop your
    • Give your strikes the greatest power and speed for attacking your primary target, e., your opponent’s head.
    • Double hitting, straight thrust, and stepping through an uppercut using the bottom of the

    stick can be practiced as well.

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