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  • November 30, 2020 - July 31, 2021 ((GMT) Casablanca)
  • Lhasa
  • Xuexin Village Street (View Map)
  • Tibet is a very sacred place, many people long for the opportunity to travel to Tibet, but Tibet is not the same as other tourist areas, where the altitude is too high, the water resources are not rich, the temperature is low..., then go there What should we pay attention to when traveling?

    Before the district Tibet, it is best to have a full-body examination. Hypertension, heart disease, respiratory diseases, mental illness, diabetes patients are not suitable for going to Tibet, and if you have a cold, it is best not to go. Wait until the cold is cured Okay, so as not to get worse in Tibet; prepare several down jackets before you go because the temperature difference between day and night in Tibet is very big

    Before entering Tibet, it is best to prepare some medicines just in case. The most used are cold medicines and gastrointestinal medicines. You can also take some medicines if you are not in good health. You can prepare some anti-altitude reactions if your body is not particularly good. Medicine, you can also bring Tibet travel maps, etc.

    Prepared daily necessities: In addition to the summer, you don’t need to bring down jackets, you must bring them in other seasons, and you must also bring warm clothes, and you should also bring sunglasses and skincare creams, etc., because the ultraviolet light in Tibet is particularly strong, don’t wear shorts such as t-shirts Sleeve clothes, and maps, if you plan to sleep in the wild, you must bring a tent, a map compass is also essential

    After entering Tibet, it is best not to take a bath on the first day, because bathing will consume a lot of physical strength and body water, which may cause or aggravate altitude sickness. You can take a bath after a few days of adaptation. Don’t worry about not feeling uncomfortable if you don’t take a bath. The air is very dry there, and the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large.

    The cities that travel to Tibet more often are Lhasa and Shigatse. There are relatively few other places. People in Tibet are particularly enthusiastic and there are no scammers. Some people also go from the mainland. The locals are very upright, kind and pious, and the consumption is average. It’s not high, it’s just that the hotels they stay in are more expensive because they don’t have a lot of travel time in a year, just a few months, so every time the peak tourist season, they will hurry up and earn money

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