I love how folks completely forgot the classic wow gold


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  • September 10, 2020 - September 25, 2020 ((GMT+01:00) West Central Africa)
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  • I love how folks completely forgot the classic wow gold cluster fuck that has been theconcealed legendaries limitation at the start, artifact power making it impossible to play offspecs, just the general randomnessof any loot or the time locked winners hallway questingPeople didn't forget those problems but people also know that the game isnot about loot. Legion brought so many good stuff to the game like Suramar, mage tower, arrange halls, M+ etc.
    I dont think peopleforgotten but they mended the machine and made it doable. Sure legion was alt unfriendly but if you combined late legion on an altyou could nevertheless gear up fairly fast and have fun bfa on the opposite hand. And another thong eith time gated content reallyto important to call something awful when we had many things to do.
    People aint likely to forget the cluster fuck that is theprograms in bfa. Azerite armor that's complete pointless now an essence system which drains the life out of almost any alts/newcomers a cloak system that has been inserted on top of all the other systems and the corruption that has so much power in them itis just silly.I discovered it to be super alt friendly towards the 2nd half of this expansion.
    I leveled and geared up 24personalities to perform the mage tower on cheap wow classic gold every spec twice. Thus 72 mage towers lol I even login to my alts... though I cant saymuch because I stopped playing 8.2 hit too.Ah yes, I recall for the first like 3 weeks of the match being scared to change my lootspec in case this uncommon I kill drops a mythical. Nonetheless I could argue it was my favorite expansion along with TBC.
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