You reach the lowest level of enchanting

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Enchanting is among the few occupations that are entirely WoTLK Gold self-contained. There's no collection-related profession to study along with it, making it a very popular option to go along with tailoring. If you choose to be an enchanter you'll be able always upgrade your weapons and armor with a variety of bonus. Naturally, at beginning stages of the ability, you're likely to be enchanting things simply to be enchanting it, since the rewards aren't that significant (+1 to any resistance, +5 to mana and so on. ) However, it's only when you've greatly improved your abilities that you'll begin to see the stats increase or add +X damage the enchants. It can be a bit difficult to get better at and, when you finally get some of the more advanced recipe recipes that are enchanting, you'll at the very least earn a little bit of money selling your goods in chat rooms of major cities.

Of course, if it were simple to become an enchanter, everyone would want to do it. However, it's not easy as simply getting hold of an item and then magically creating it to perfection. As for most occupations, you'll require reagents before you can use your magic spells. The trick is the fact that these agents are able to only be obtained through disenchanting high-quality items, i.e. any item that is blue, green, or (god forbid!) purple.

When you reach the lowest level of enchanting you'll be able to instantly gain the ability Disenchant. When you use it on the green or better-quality items within your possession, you'll be able to destroy the item, and you'll gain some magical reagents like Soul Dust, Magic Essences, Astral Essences, or other. As with other the buy WoTLK Classic Gold items they replace, enchanting reagents can be found in a variety of varieties, with better-quality items are more likely to be transformed to become rarer agents.
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