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To complete this recipe, you first need a ‘Lost Ark Gold’. While that sounds innocuous, it is actually a legendary item you can only receive by defeating Tortoyk’s main boss monster, Caspiel. And only the player who lands the killing blow gets the item.

You’ll find Caspiel just to the east of the Rocky Forest Hill Triport in Skyreach Steppe. You’ll know it has spawned because the area will be circled by a ring of fire. If it isn’t, use the instance changer in the top right corner of the screen and flick around until you find him. This is a long, tough fight for new players, so you may want to wait until you are level 50-ish and can solo this battle.

Once you have the shattered bowl, take it to Cook Supiso. She can then craft you the Half and Half, Dip and Pour you need for 1,700 silver coins.

From the Sweetwater Farm Triport, head east over the book bridge into Sweet Fruit Forest. Keep to the south side of the path as you go, dipping into the little garden to the south of the path before you get to the end.

After defeating the pirates there, search behind the table and chairs to find the ‘Plenty Plenty Mokoko Gift Package’. Simply right-click it to fulfill the ‘Likey Likey’ cooking recipe.
You’ll need deep pockets for this one. Head to Dessert Merchant Tellara in the east of Mokoko Village, on the path to the Sweetwater Forest portal. She’ll sell you the Sweet-o-Sweet Honey you need – for 190,000 silver coins. Take this to Cook Supiso, and she’ll make you the Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic for a much more reasonable 900 silver.

Enter Seaswept Woods from the Mokoko Village portal Lost Ark Gold buy and head southeast into the area you arrive in. At its southern point, there’s a bandit camp where you’ll see a bench with some papers on it.
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