Presto Salt Spray Chamber - Leading Corrosion Tester



The Salt Spray chamber contains a testing chamber, where a salt water solution is atomized through spray method utilising pressurised air. This cyclic corrosion test procedure results in a corrosive atmosphere of dense salt water fog inside the chamber. The exposed metal specimen will eventually reveal the rate of corrosion it can withstand. This corrosion tester is based on ‘The salt spray or salt fog test method’. It is basically an accelerated salt spray test which recreates an artificial atmosphere responsible for corrosion of metallic materials. It helps in evaluating the rate and time of corrosion, a metal or surface coating would take depending upon its quality. With salt spray for a short period of time, you can get the corrosion testing result of a long yearly environmental process by saving your cost as well. The Temperature Ranges from Ambient to 45°C with Temperature Accuracy of +/- 2°C . Equipped with Solid State Digital Programmable Temperature Controller/ Indicator with unique zero corrosion PT 100 Sensor.

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