The Best Direction 515nm Green Laser Diode Module


Not the same as 532nm green DPSS laser system, the real use of direct diode emission device of 515nm green laser diode module just assures long lasting and high stability forest green laser beam and green reference dot projection from laser beam aperture. The advanced use of metal heat sink and APC, ACC driving circuit board assures highly reliable forest green dot projection and no light decay in continuous use.
After easy connects with different voltage DC power supply, this 515nm green dot laser just leaves enough space for tube cooling down, and achieves highly stable forest green dot projection in long lasting use. It should be working without sunlight. According to real work distance and lighting occasion, after correct use of output power and freely adjusted laser beam focus, it just brings users the highest level of accuracy dot alignment for drilling system, laser marking, laser engraving, military targeting and high tech etc.
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