The seeds are pretty spread out across the map

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Head north into Graymoon Camp from the Lost Ark Gold Hill portal, or teleport into the Graymoon Camp Triport. From the centre of the camp where the triport is, go southeast down the slope and past the Graymoon guards and directly across to the east edge of the map, past a rock surrounded by animal bones.

There will be a large wolf just past the rock, and your first mokoko is just where it spawns – in the grass just in front of some snow-covered rocks.

Now head back into camp and this time leave northwest, past Potion Merchant Emil. Head directly north at the bottom of the slope, then hug the northern edge of the area and work your way east.
Shushire is very much the wintery continent of Lost Ark. Bitterwind Hill epitomises this, with its unforgiving snow-covered terrain hiding all manner of bandits, wolves, and magical ice constructs. But it’s also hiding a nice haul of nine aromatic mokoko seeds for you to collect.

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The seeds are pretty spread out across the map, meaning you’re going to have to explore the whole area to collect them all – including Blizzard Temple, Manhunt Territory, and the Tomb of the Dead. On the plus side though, several of the seeds are grouped in pairs, and you won’t be needing to play any special sheet music or find secret cheapest Lost Ark Gold or jumps. All the mokokos here are simply found on the map, although some are pretty well hidden – so if you’ve missed any, you can get all the details you need here.
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