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With every rising sun, something new is introduced in the market. It may be a new technology or product/service. One needs to keep oneself upgraded, especially in the professional world so that one remains in the competition. The knowledge acquired during graduation becomes obsolete after some time. It needs to be upgraded every once in a while. To do so, one can either go for higher education or certification courses. The latter option is opted for more especially by the people who are employed. It can be done within a limited budget and time. One of the most demanded certifications nowadays in the industry is the six sigma certification.

The certification revolves around the concept of improvising the business processes by removing any kind of errors and deviations in it. The value of six sigma computes the chance of error in a process- 3.4 per million opportunity. This makes the business process 99% accurate. Every organization wishes to operate its business with this accuracy.

During the process, all the errors and deviations in the process are removed. Thus making it an ideal and up-to-date process. Lean Six sigma is a program that combines Lean enterprises and Six Sigma methodologies. It is a set of standards used in business management. Lean six sigma is being used by the top-notch company for improving operational efficiency, cost reduction and to have good business outcomes. There are various stages of six sigma certification. The main ones are:

    • Six sigma green belt certification
  • Six sigma master black belt certification

The green belt is an introductory course where the nuances of the course are taught. The concepts are introduced and a fair idea is given. The six sigma black belt is a more detailed level where in-depth knowledge of the concepts is provided. The concepts taught during the course include:

  • Process Map
  • Project Charter
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Regression
  • Tools like Minitab
  • Voice of customer
  • Critical to quantity, etc.

During the black belt certification, two standard techniques for improving the existing and new business processes are taught:

  • DMAIC: It stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, control. This technique is used to improve the existing business process. In the define phase, the source of the problem from where it is arising is identified. The strategy used in this phase is who, what, and where questions. Tools used in the phase are the voice of the customer and the project charter. In the measure phase, the project focus is narrowed and the voice of the customer is converted into key performance indicators. In the analysis phase, we try to find out the root cause of the problem. In the improvement phase, the solution is evaluated and optimized. In the control phase, the project benefits are validated.
  • DMADV: In this technique, the new business process is improved and is made up to date. It includes phases like define, measure, analyze, design, and validate.
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