Should You opt for Six Sigma Green Belt Training?



Six Sigma is a series of techniques and tools for process improvement. Developed in 1986, Six Sigma has now become a global phenomenon with companies around the world. Companies and individuals are working with six sigma methodologies to enhance operational efficiencies. Six Sigma certification is a terrific way to develop your capabilities as a leader in your organization. It is in revamping your business processes. The Lean method is a lot like Six Sigma. It stresses on greatest proficiency in all characteristics of operations. Six Sigma Green belt certification emphasizes more on removing errors within processes. The lean strategy focuses on detecting needless steps that wastes effort and resources. These two methodologies offer significant training which is in high demand across industries. These are relevant to manufacturing, finance, healthcare, IT, and more. Key benefits of the six sigma green belt certification strategy include customer satisfaction and cost saving. It leads to revenue expansion and productivity enrichment. Lean Six Sigma is a process which provides prized analytic and method skills. These skills are significant to leadership positions. Your Six Sigma certification will give you a benefit above the competition. It is a respected gathering of your resume. You’ll also enhance your problem-solving and leadership acumen.

Reasons to take lean six sigma certification-:

Supports in enhancing customer loyalty and boosts customer retention: Every successful business works towards retaining its existing customer base. Your customer will only opt to be loyal to your brand and not switch to any new service or product offering when you ensure customer delight. Are you aware of the consumers that are not content with your service offerings? There are chances that most companies are not aware of this fact and they plan business expansion strategies without knowing their customer loyalty score. When you use the Lean six sigma green belt certification approach, you automatically eradicate the chances of having dissatisfied consumers. To heighten customer loyalty successfully, you can carry out a customer dipstick to understand the crucial attributes of your service or product that is essential for customer satisfaction. As you plan your business development strategies you know that you are not overlooking factors that drive customer interest, that helps you increase your customer base

Aids in keeping your employees and staff motivated: What is the secret to business success that entrepreneurs and business often overlook? It is an employee and staff performance. This leads to amplified productivity which translates into enlarged service revenues.  However, for your employees to work and perform consistently there is a need for motivation and encouragement.  Rapidly expanding companies that keep their employees motivated enjoy increased productivity of 25 to 50%. Applying Six Sigma problem-solving tools and processes efficiently fosters employee development and helps to build a corporate culture of efficient knowledge–sharing and employee motivation. Get enrolled in a six sigma green belt with ISEL Global.

Benefit you in decreasing your cycle times to a great extent: There are situations when company projects go beyond the stipulated deadline. This is mostly because of the amendments made in the project scope and new shifts in management policies. When you use Six Sigma tools you are capable of designating teams with expert professionals from every level within the company. Professionals are also hauled up from every functional vertical. This team is allotted with the task of recognizing the factors that have the chance to negatively impact the project owing to long cycles. This team can further be asked to look for solutions to neutralize this negative influence. Many esteemed brands employing Six Sigma have reported a minimization of their cycle times by 35%

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