Best Quality Izod/Charpy Impact Tester Manufacturer and Supplier

Indianapolis, IN, USA


If you are looking for an izod impact test then you can consult with us. We are considered to be the leading izod impact testing machine that will provide you with high quality testing instruments to ensure zero rejections rates from your customers. Connect with our experts to get assistance and competitive quotation for both the testing machines. We are available at +91-9210 903 903 or you can mail us your query at Presto Stantest is a renowned company that offers hi-tech digital Izod and impact test machine to determine the charpy impact test impact resistance of plastic and metal. The company avails quality testing solution that adhere to the global standards like ASTM D883 – 12, ASTM D256 – 10, ASTM D1204 – 14, ASTM D1248 – 12, ASTM E691 – 14, ASTM D618 – 13 standards.

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