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Antlers, as previously stated, are less likely to splinter or chip than bones. They also contain no preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients, so you get exactly what you see. Elk and deer antlers are also high in nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, so your dog is getting extra minerals to help promote stronger bones and teeth.


Antlers are extremely tough, and chewing on them can help scrape away plaque buildup, improving your dog's dental hygiene and tooth strength. Chewing is a healthy activity for dogs on its own because it is a natural stress reliever. It's better to give your dog something that will benefit him when he chews rather than something valuable like your furniture!


Last but not least, in our experience, nine out of ten dogs enjoy antlers, so you'll be making your dog happy!


On top of that, antlers for dogs are free of mess: no odors, no sticky residues, no stuffing ripped out, and so on.


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