Translation Services Albany: Can Machine Translation Post Editing Really Replace Human Translation?

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Technology is evolving rapidly. In this blog, you will explore why machine translation post-editing cannot replace human translation services.

Can Machine Translation Really Replace Human Translation?

Never!!!! ...and that's a fact.

With the advancement of technology, machines are increasingly replacing humans in a number of sectors worldwide. In the translation sector also, people are expecting that technologies like AI will take the place of human translators in the coming years. However, professional translators believe that machines cannot replace humans in the delivery of translation services. 


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Top Reasons for Choosing Machine Translation

There are a number of reasons why some businesses are turning to Advanced machines for their translation needs. Some of the prominent reasons are:

  • High speed of translation
  • Consistency in style and wording
  • Delivery of a higher volume of translation projects in less time.
  • Cheaper compared to human translation

Reasons Why Machine Translation Cannot Replace Professional Human Translators

Despite so many benefits of machine translation, they cannot really replace human translators. Here are some of the reasons why it is not possible for machines to deliver as efficiently as human translators.

1. Affects Quality of Content

In order to translate content from one language to another, human translators understand and interpret the original content in an artistic way. However, the advanced machines do not understand the essence or context, and may not aptly translate the meaning. This, in turn, affects the quality of translation significantly. After all, they are bots that are programmed.

2. Specialty Areas Necessitates Human Translators

Specialty areas such as legal and medical fields involve a number of highly technical terminologies and jargon unique to that industry. Moreover, as the meaning of several common words differ in these sectors, there are high chances of crucial errors when availing machine translation. On the other hand, the human translators have expertise and a stronghold on the subject matters and understand the jargon well, thereby ensuring the delivery of quality translation. 

3. Difficulty in Choosing the Right Word

Every language spoken in the world has a huge volume of words, and each word may have more than one meaning. This makes it quite challenging for the machines to choose the right word while translating a document. However, Human translators have natural language skills, understand the usage of different words, and can use the right word based on the context.

4. Cultural Sensitivity

While translating content, it is important to focus on the cultural norms as different languages have different cultural values. Automated machine translations are more likely to miss out on the cultural connotations, thereby affecting translation quality. However, human translators understand cultural values and norms and can translate any content in the best possible way. 

5. Evolution of Language

Every language keeps evolving over time, and new phrases and words get added to the vocabulary. It is not always possible for the machines to learn the new vocabulary and adapt to ways in which the same words are being used in a different manner. However, human translators can easily and quickly adapt to the change and use different words in a trending way. 


Machine translation can help in saving a lot of time and completing huge volumes of translation. However, it cannot really replace human translation services. Avail human translation services and ensure natural flow and optimum quality of content. 

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