Humidity Chamber Manufacturer and supplier

Indianapolis, IN, USA


Humidity Chamber - Touch Screen with Data Logger is used for assessing the change in physical properties of the materials when there is a severe change in the environmental conditions like humidity. The machine is equipped with advanced touch screen panel and upgraded features. It comes with 3 coloured tower style alarm to alert the operator. It is a unique test cabinet designed to create temperature and relative humidity inside the conditioning chamber to detect the change in the physical characteristics of the material and to ascertain the actual working life of the testing device. Presto’s humidity test chamber is designed as per standards ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, BS950 Part-1(D65). You can even take a FREE sample testing session just by giving a call at +91 9210903903 or email at They have a team of technical experts that will guide you well regarding all your testing instrument needs.

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