Lost Ark is still fighting bots

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In the blog post(opens in new tab) posted yesterday, the Lost Ark Gold development team shared an update on the game's plentiful bots, stating that it was "working on internal methods and tools that will make it much more difficult for bots into the game".It follows an announcement from last week, which said Smilegate had "been busy designing effective tools and methods to eliminate players who are bots" and blocked over one million "bot" accounts from its servers(opens in new tab) on March 4. "Last Friday, we began applying bans to bots, targeting over a million illegitimate account holders," an update reads (thanks, NME(opens in new tab)). "We are aware that this won't be enough to fix the problem and there are bots playing the game so we want to provide assurance that this was one of many steps in the ongoing battle.

By Vikki Blake. Published March 13, 2022. "We know [bans] will do nothing to solve the problem itself . There are also bots that are present in the game"Smilegate continues to fight bots within its brand-new MMO, Lost Ark, which is published by Amazon Games.

In the blog post(opens in a new tab) shared yesterday, the team behind the development provided an update about the game's plethora of bots, stating that they were "working on internal strategies as well as tools that will make it harder for bots to enter the game".

This follows an announcement earlier this week, which stated that Smilegate had "been hard at work creating effective tools and methods to eliminate Bots that were playing the game" and also banned over a million "buy Gold Lost Ark" accounts from its servers(opens in a new tab) at the end of March.
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