The suit consists of a variety of allegations against Activision Blizzard

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After being blocked from the PlayStation Network during a game of Resistance: Fall of Man, an San Jose, California gamer filed a lawsuit against the electronics giant asserting that it violated the First Amendment rights. The suit has been dismissed by the court in September however, the plaintiff was not deterred. In addition to filing an appeal to that instance, this month the plaintiff filed a new lawsuit in the case against Microsoft along with Nintendo. In that suit it was claimed that the malfunction of his Xbox 360 caused him undue stress and that an Wii system update that blocked access to the Homebrew Channel third-party program interfered with his unalienable right to live a happy life.

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With the major three platform holders covered, the plaintiff has turned his attention to the biggest third-party publishers. The gamer Erik Estavillo, provided P2Pah with copies of his most recent civil lawsuit, which is a case with Activision Blizzard filed this morning in the Santa Clara County Superior Court of California. A clerk from the court confirmed for P2Pah that the case was filed.
The suit consists of a variety of allegations against Activision Blizzard, specifically relating to buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold the company's highly online multiplayer role-playing game World of Warcraft. In particular, the player is accused by the company of operating an "harmful virtual world" by using "sneaky and fraudulent methods."
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