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At Axelacare, we have a team of passionate and dedicated workers who work round-the-clock to deliver excellent personal care to our clients. We are one of the leading care providers in London. We offer companionship, affection, and support to many individuals, including some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Here, we are proud of the extensive services that we offer. We appreciate our staff, who live their lives with respect, integrity, and the passion of knowing that they’re doing uprightness by helping those in need. We are proud of our staff members, who embody our values, goals, and mission and work accordingly to achieve them.

We currently provide care assistant jobs in London for experienced and non-experienced individuals. The job requirements for this personal care assistant job require the candidate to be well-versed in speaking English or any local language; they should be acquainted with cooperating with elderly or children; they should have kindness and empathy for other individuals; and all of the above, the ideal candidate should have experience managing the medical conditions of elderly individuals. We will train you regarding the job aspects once you are selected. The candidate will be rewarded with many benefits and rewards for their performance. So, if you’re searching for care assistant jobs, we’d love for you to join us.

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